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January 4 - Sharone Aharon

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Top Ten Exercises of 2010

Cardio work – easiest, simplest and most effective way to get your body in shape

1. Walking – can be done anywhere and safest way for developing cardio vascular fitness and optimal fat utilization
2. Interval training – boost your fitness level, maximizing calorie consumption and the best form of exercise for weight loss.

Strength training - is best for increasing muscle mass and basal metabolic rate. Focus on exercise that uses multiple muscles. Start slow with light weight and change your routine every 4 to 6 weeks.
3. Squats – develop all the major muscles of the lower body at once, back, gluts, hamstrings and quadriceps
4. Lunges – is an advanced and more functional form of squat
5. Pushups – work on the chest, shoulder triceps and the trunk core muscle
6. Rows – works all the major muscles of the upper back and biceps
7. Pull-ups – works mainly the back and shoulder muscles but also engage the biceps and forearm muscles
8. Abdominal work – useful in improving performance in most physical activity and improve lower back pain
9. Bridges – very effectively improve lower back strength
10. Hip abduction/adduction – will help stabilizing the hip knees and form lean line thighs

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