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April 14 - Jim McArdle

Living the Dream

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Living the Dream: An Inside Account of the 2008 Cubs Season

About the book:

Following the Cubs' quest to avert having 'a bad century'

Would you put everything on the line for your beloved Cubbies by quitting your job and setting up shop in a rooftop apartment overlooking Wrigley Field to chronicle a season from the inside out, day-after-day? Well, former Vine Line editor Jim McArdle did just that during the 2008 baseball season and has a brand-new book about his remarkable experiences.

Living the Dream: An Inside Account of the 2008 Cubs Season by Jim McArdle (Forewords by Ron Santo and Len Kasper) is a compelling story of a team and its incredibly loyal and relentlessly passionate fans as they trekked together through the ups and downs of the 2008 Cubs. It was the 100th anniversary of their last World Series victory and the hopes were so high. While they didn't win it all, he still found out so much including:

Insights from retired greats Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams and many others on what it means to be a Cub and what would happen if they ever won the World Series
Who are the characters in and around Wrigley Field that help make the ballpark the Disneyworld of baseball?
How did visionary owners of buildings across the street on Waveland and Sheffield avenues grow new businesses into a unique community where thousands of fans watch Cubs baseball daily from rooftop perches?
Why does a fan base for a team like the Chicago Cubs continue to grow?
Who are these relentless fans and what is it that keeps them coming back for more?

Legendary broadcaster Jack Brickhouse once said "any team can have a bad century." He was joking, of course, but the Chicago Cubs franchise, whose games he worked for decades, entered 2008 on the brink of making his words come painfully true. A number of expansion teams in the four major sports never have won a World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, or NBA title in their brief histories. But no team ever has gone 100 years without winning a championship.

Following the Cubs' quest to avert that infamous distinction is the backdrop for Living The Dream, which, for author Jim McArdle, it truly was. McArdle, a former Cubs employee as editor of the official team magazine Vine Line, quit his job to devote himself completely to the 2008 Cubs' season. Thanks to clubhouse access generously offered by the team and an apartment located just beyond Wrigley's left-field fence, McArdle was uniquely positioned to compile this fascinating story.

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