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March 5: Lunchbreak - Sauteed Scallops

The Drawing Room
937 N. Rush Street
(312) 266-2694

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Diver Scallops with Curry Cauliflower Puree, Baby Zucchini, Rosemary-Ginger Pork

1 head cauliflower
3 Tbs Madras yellow curry powder
2 Tbs honey
1/4 c seasoned rice vinegar
2 Tbs butter
10 (U-10 size) dry pack scallops
salt, pepper, oil
20 pc baby zucchini
5 oz pork belly
1 Tbs fresh ginger, rosemary, fine chopped

Roast the pork belly-cut into medium large chunks, season with salt, rosemary and ginger. Roast in oven with 1c water, covered in foil for 3 hours at 325 degrees. remove foil, raise temperature to 400, roast another 30 minutes.
Cauliflower: chop thinly, and in saucepan, with 3T oil, and 1t salt, cook over medium low heat for 45 minutes, or until mushy. Add curry powder, honey and vinegar, stir in butter.
Puree until smooth.
Saute zucchini until browned, season with salt.
Pat dry the scallops on a paper towel, then season lightly with salt and pepper. Sear in hot oil, 1 minute or until browned, flip and finish in oven 2 more minutes.

Plate up:
Spoon cauliflower puree onto plate, top with zucchini, scallops, and garnish with thinly sliced pork, and its pan juices.

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