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Lumineers for Teens

For more information about Dr. Zak Zaibak, go to reach Dr. Charles Czerepak, contact (773) 880-5455.

In tonight's medical watch ... instant gratification. Some teens and adults are skipping conventional braces and opting for a quick fix when it comes to getting a perfect smile.

"We're about to place the Lumineers."

Sue Rafati: "I had small teeth and they were discolored and unaligned and I didn't like them."

That was then ... this is now. A new smile for fourteen-year-old Sue Rafati.

Dr. Zaibak: "Just like what you wanted ... perfect

Sua Rafati, patient: "Braces was an option but I didn't want to have to go thru so many years and cutting my lips with the metal and this was a fast alternative.

In just twenty minutes, Sue's wish came true. Dr. Zak Zaibak placed eight porcelain Lumineers without changing the structure of Sue's existing teeth.

Dr. Zabaik: "You have to floss your teeth, you have to brush your teeth and treat them just like normal teeth."

An easy fix for a patient like Sue who wanted to fill some spaces, bulk up her small teeth and whiten her smile. A perfect candidate. But first Dr. Zaibak checked her bite to make sure it was aligned and took x-rays to evaluate her growth pattern ... an orthodontist helped confirm sue's upper jaw bone was fully developed.

Dr. Zaibak: "It's dictated by your bite, the severity of your spaces, the crowdedness. All that is taken into account.

Sue Rafati "I like it!

Dr Zaibak: "It only took me 20 minutes to transform her smile to a perfect smile. Presto! You've got a perfect smile."

But some dentists warn ... don't rush it.

Dr. Charlie Czerepak, Children's Memorial Hospital Dentist: "There's always a cost risk benefit to everything we do."

Depending on how many Lumineers are placed, the cost can range from $6,000 up.... about the same as conventional braces. children's memorial hospital dentist dr charlie czerepak says parents should consider what they're getting for the money.

Dr. Czerepak: "The cost ... is equivalent to orthodontic therapy where you are correcting everything in the mouth, the posterior occlusion, the way the teeth bite. As a parent the question is whether something should be done quickly or long term that is an important point for them to decide."

Lumineers like Sue's come with a ten-year warranty. Patients see digital images of their new smile before the procedure so they can tweak the look of the teeth.

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