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Dr Yates on hospital's history and services

Dr. John Yates is a family physician and the director of International Childcare, the organization that oversees Grace Children's Hospital in Port au Prince.

Both construction and medical teams from Children's Memorial Hospital here in Chicago are currently working to rebuild Dr. Yates' facility in Port au Prince, which suffered an 80 percent loss in last January's earthquake.

In the above clip, Dr. Yates explains a bit of the hospital's history on a recent fundraising visit to Chicago. Grace Children's Hospital is recognized as Haiti's leading medical facility dedicated to the treatment of children with tuberculosis. This hospital also offers HIV/AIDS treatment services to protect against the double threat of TB and HIV, two of the nation's most urgent public health problems.

In addition to its inpatient ward, Grace Children's Hospital provides services to more than 300 patients each day through outpatient clinics. These services include a nutrition clinic, eye clinic and reproductive health counseling.

Its Urban Community Health programs extend into the slum areas and tent cities around the hospital, distributing Vitamin A, immunizations and reproductive health services. Educators also give training in birthing, hygiene and sanitation.

If you would like to support the efforts of Children's Memorial Hospital in rebuilding Grace Children's Hospital, please visit

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