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So, you want to Snuggle with Skilling? Get in line...

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I've been chuckling all week about this "Snuggle with Skilling" product and promo that we have been running.If you haven't heard about it, take a look at this link.It's not a joke. It is the real thing. You can order one for Christmas or Thanksgiving or whatever.As you consider buying one, you probably have to admit that the idea of Snuggling with Skilling is kind of fun.How could you not enjoy an hour or two of Snuggling with the Weather King.

Truth be known, I pitched the idea originally as Kuddle with Konrad and management laughed at me.They said there were dozens of reasons why Snuggle with Skilling made more sense. The 2 biggest reasons were:

1. People know who Skilling is. He is a legend and the cream of the crop. ( I took that as "Konrad, you suck and thankfully no one knows who you are.)

2. People find Skilling likable. They find him enjoyable, charming, cuddly. ( I took that as "Konrad, no one likes you. Try to be more might be good for your career...oh and you suck.)

Sometimes it's not easy being on the same team with a legend. I feel like one of those former Chicago Bulls players that played with Michael Jordan during his stretch that no one knows or remembers their name. Because they just watched Jordan.

It was either Ghandi or Wayne Newton who said that when you are around greatness, the best thing you can do is to latch onto it. Touch it. Feel it. Snuggle up to it , if you will. And so, I have been wearing this damn Snuggle up With Skilling thing every day in the office and when I get home at night. I can tell you right now, it is going to really pay off.

As a matter of fact, I came up with some other great money making ideas.You can see them here: They will change my life.


That's How I See It.Mr. Konrad

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