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Heimlich Manuever demonstration for Dogs and Cats

Heimlich Manuever Demonstration:

To do a Hemilich manuever on a cat or dog, you would lift them up -- or a very large dog, you can stand behind him just lift him up.

You're going to find that soft belly area, the abdomen. What you're attempting to do is force air out of the abdomen to hopefully shoot the object out. So, we're going to place our fist in the soft area under the ribs and then cover our fist with the other hand and we will thrust in and up. Give about five quick, brisk thrusts. If it does not work, you can try and sweep the mouth -- being very careful not to be bit. Simply press in on the jaw, it will open the mouth and see if you can see the object. If not, you can try the Heimlich manuever again. You can repeat this up to about three times. If it's still not working, we recommend you proceed to the vet. Just monitor to make sure they're still breathing.

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