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Floating for Relaxation

Floating for a little lift. Some say an hour in the pool provides the rest of a good night's sleep. Others believe the water has healing power. So tonight we take you to the space time tanks to find out why they are making such a splash with users.

Twisting and turning truly took a toll on Nadine's body.

Nadine Lollino: "From having a dance background I had injuries with my low back that would come and go."

Massage helped but relief really washed over her when she got in the water.

Nadine Lollino: "I always get realignment in my spine from floating."

For 20-plus-year floater Neal Grossman, he believes the tank is like the fountain of youth. At 69 years old he couldn't be healthier.

Neal Grossman: "I'm in excellent health mentally and physically, and I think the stress reduction of regular floating is a major contributor to that."

Putting aside my fear of confined spaces, I decided to try it out.

William Faith, Space Time Tanks: "The door to the tank rests here on the tank, weighs about three pounds. You're free to get in and out anytime.

The eight-foot-long, four-foot-high tank is filled with 10 inches of water and 800 pounds of Epsom salt.

Dina Bair: "Here we go!"

I didn't like having the door closed so admittedly may not gotten the full effect others get inside the tank I only stayed for 10 min. so I was not as reinvigorated. However after rigorous race over the weekend I did feel a measure of muscle relaxation and my back felt better.

William Faith: "When you're in a tank, you're relieved from a great deal of gravity and the negative effects. All that tension is released."

Neal Grossman: "It's a little scary to many people, but once you get in there you'll see for yourself … it's nice to be you."

Perhaps another time in the tank and I, too, will emerge totally energized.

For more information, check out and floatation-tank.comThe Book of Floating by Michael Hutchison

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