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Another 'exhausted' celebrity

Just two months following her divorce from, Ashton Kutcher, actress Demi Moore has decided to seek "professional assistance" after her health scare two nights ago.

Moore was hospitalized and treated for exhaustion after paramedics received a 911 call from her Los Angeles home late Monday evening. Media reports are speculating that Moore's seizure-like episode and other health complications may be due to her recent dramatic weight loss or substance abuse. In the wake of the incident, Moore has alledgedly pulled out of her role in the upcoming film, "LoveLace" in efforts to give herself time to recuperate and "improve her overall health."
A day earlier, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was rushed to a hospital in Park City, Utah for exhaustion after passing out during an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival. The"30 Rock" star says the "high altitude", which was at about 7000 feet in that location, caused him to fall unconscious. As of yesterday, Morgan has reportedly made a speedy recovery and returned back to work.
Demi and Tracy are not alone in the list of celebrities that have fell victim to exhaustion and fatigue sometime in their career. In 2010, just when pop-star Lady Gaga seemed like she was unstoppable, she unexpectedly had to cancel several shows while overseas in New Zealand. Gaga broke the news to her disappointed but concerned fans via Twitter, telling them that she had an irregular heart-rate due to dehydration and exhaustion.
This past November, Barbadian-singer Rihanna canceled a few tour dates in Sweden and tweeted pictures of her arm with an IV drip attached to it after checking into a hospital for "severe exhaustion." Disney star Selena Gomez was also treated for a similiar diagnosis in Summer 2011, forcing her to call off several performances. Just a week after withdrawing his bid for the Haitian presidency in September 2010, rapper Wyclef Jean was admitted into a hospital for exhaustion. Lindsay Lohan has reportedly left movie sets several times in the past years to seek medical attention after complaining of fatigue as well.
Every year a number of celebrities suffer from exhaustion spells or other illnesses due to their overwhelming obligations and hectic schedules. New York Physician and researcher Margaret Lewin, MD, says that exhaustion or dehyration in celebrities is actually quite "common."
A combination of little sleep, stressful schedules, and a poor diet can cause "severe losses of salts, minerals and water" leading to that "burned-out" feeling that is symptomatic of exhaustion. Although all celebs deserve a break, Dr. Lewin says that by getting a little more sleep, exercising regularly, and eating healthier, stars can avoid these pesky health issues and prevent cancelling shows or career interruptions.

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