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Emanuel speed camera ticket measure approved

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s controversial speed-camera ordinance that would ding violators with tickets of up to $100 won Chicago City Council approval.

The 33-14 vote at Wednesday's City Council meeting follows a last minute concession that was revealed last week -- Emanuel agreed to reduce the fine from $50 to $35 for drivers going 6 to 10 miles an hour over the speed limit. The fine for going more than 11 miles over will be $100.

Additionally, the City Council decided to delay voting on Emaneul's $7 billion plan to rebuild Chicago through expanded public-private partnerships for a month.

In an 11-to-7 vote, the Finance Committee endorsed the Chicago infrastructure trust ordinance on Monday. The vote came after hours of questioning from aldermen and public advocacy groups.

The Mayor wants to enlist corporations, to partially fund public works construction projects.

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