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Chicago welcomes Conan and 'Just For Laughs' comedians

Conan O'Brien, former Chicago Northsider, returned this week to tape his TBS show for the first time since 2006. "Conan" was filmed at the Chicago Theatre as a start to the "Just For Laughs Chicago" comedy festival.

WGN Morning News sat down and talked to comedians throughout the week to find out about their time in Chicago and the "Just For Laughs" festival.

The Southside's own Deon Cole, a Conan writer, joined us on Tuesday.

Stephen Merchant joined us Wednesday to promote his new show "Hello Ladies."

Chris D'Elia, "Whitney" co-star, was here on Thursday, as well as Nick Offerman from"Parks and Recreation."

Jeff Ross sat down with us today to finish up the week.

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