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Cancer Treatment Advances

An update on the war on cancer. Promising news about treatments for a variety of tumors unveiled right here in Chicago during the world's largest gathering of cancer experts.

Under the microscope ... therapies that target key tumor functions or help the body's own immune system destroy cancer cells. The good news -- the treatments seem to increase survival rates, particularly among patients with advanced disease.

Melanoma -- Patients with advanced melanoma who received the drug ipilimumab lived almost four months longer than patients who did not receive the drug.

Lung Cancer -- An experimental drug called crizotinib was shown to shrink tumors in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients with a specific type of genetic alteration.

Ovarian Cancer -- Adding the targeted therapy drug Avastin to chemotherpay and keeping patients on the drug after chemo ends increases the amount of time it takes for ovarian cancer to grow and spread.

Prostate Cancer -- Men with locally-advanced or high-risk prostate cancer who received hormone therapy combined with radiation lived longer and cut their risk of death by 43 percent.

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