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5/12: Book 'Michelle Style'

Book signing:
Thursday, May 14
6-8 PM
White House Black Market
Water Tower: 835 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago
(877) 452-6633

To purchase a copy of the book:
Michelle Style: Celebrating the First Lady of Fashion

America once again has a newly-minted fashion icon to call its own and no one in the world can tear their eyes away from her. First Lady Michelle Obama has been dubbed the "First Lady of Fashion," and is single-handedly re-invigorating American design. USA Today recently reported that American fashion houses are pinning all hopes of an American fashion renaissance on Mrs. Obama's shapely shoulders: "She is the one they have been waiting for, to borrow an Obama phrase, a real woman with a real body who can inspire fashionable apparel."

Michelle Obama has a flair for fashion; and a keen sense on how to apply her tastes... a depressed economy, as best evidenced when Mrs. Obama wore the now famous White House Black Market Tank Leaf Print Dress last summer to great acclaim on ABC's The View. In fact, Michelle Obama actually purchased the dress at the White House Black Market Water Tower location! Her $148 off-the-rack dress ignited a fashion frenzy with women all over the country rushing into the boutiques in hopes of finding the Tank Leaf Print Dress. Since her appearance on The View, Mrs. Obama has become a true fashion icon known for mixing designer pieces with off-the-rack styles, and she proves that great style is affordable and accessible.

Now, American women can get a crash course in First Lady fashion, thanks to MICHELLE STYLE: Celebrating the First Lady of Fashion, written by Mandi Norwood, an award-winning editor-in-chief of women's magazines, at a special event hosted by White House Black Market and Vogue Magazine.

About the Author

Mandi Norwood is an award-winning women's magazine editor-in-chief with publications in: Company, Cosmopolitan U.K., Mademoiselle and SHOP Etc.An expert at understanding and communicating with women on subjects from fashion and style to finance and relationships, she's the author of the successful Sex & The Married Girl, and is currently an editorial consultant for large retailers.

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