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New Orleans Public Schools Show Higher Test Scores

New state test scores released Tuesday show big improvements for most Louisiana public schools.

Lafayette Academy Charter School has the highest number of homeless children in the Recovery School District. Despite that, all of the students at the school are excelling, with their test scores on the rise. Lafayette principal Mickey Landry explains, "Every student knows that he or she is valued by every adult on campus and I think that makes their wanting to come to school grease the tracks for their own achievement."

The Recovery School District jumped from a score of 51.4 last year to 54 for 2009. Landry credits not only the teachers but parents as well.

Parent Renita Odom says, "We always believe in work and education in our home so I think it's the best thing for him. I went through school, went through college, and I want the same for my son."

The RSD isn't the only school district with improving test scores. In fact, most Louisiana public schools gained points. Orleans Parish, for example, climbed 8.2 points. Superintendent Darryl Kilbert says, "The challenge is always going to be how do you continue to get better? And we can't rest on our laurels at this point, we have to continue to do things to provide our youth people with services that are based upon their needs."

With public school budgets shrinking, the hope is that these new test scores will encourage the state to spend more on education.

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