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Why do we wait for special events to clean up our city?

Bowl Championship SeriesNCAA Final Four

I've often talked about the dirtiest, most filthy city in America. It's not Detroit or New York; it's New Orleans. And now, because of the Final 4 basketball championships coming to town, we are all about cleaning it up. 

This happens every few years when a major event comes to town. I'll never forget the Pope's visit. Not only did we clean up the trash, cut neutral grounds, and paint over grafitti, but we also planted new palm trees on Carrolton avenue which are still there today. 

Oh yeah, the trash, overgrown neutral grounds, and the grafitti are back. Actually, the very day the Pope left town, Carrolton Avenue saw it's first litter return. Superbowls, BCS national championships, and the Final 4 always brings out the sanitation workers in force. We are cleaning our city again.

How about a new concept? How about cleaning our city and keeping it clean? How about doing what just about every other city in America does, and that's keep it clean. We are the exception not the norm. And it's not the city's fault, it's ours. We choose to litter and we choose to accept the mess that comes with it. Black, white, old, young, rich, poor, democrat, or republican, almost everyone does it. Now it's time we stop. 

Have some pride about yourself and your city. Stop littering. We shouldn't have to wait for a once-a-decade event to clean our city. We should keep it clean always not just for a Final 4.

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