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Who will fill the vacant City Council seat from District B?

ElectionsMitch Landrieu

Or maybe the better question is: who will make the recommendation to fill the vacant District B seat? 

Stacy Head, the former District B representative, would normally be the one to name her own replacement.  But now it's possible Mayor Mitch Landrieu could make the call. 

Last month, council members Cynthia Hedge-Morrell and Jon Johnson went MIA, leaving the council 1 vote shy of a voting quorum.  No quorum, no way to vote in the new District B councilmemeber. 

If Hedge-Morrell and Johnson don't return this week and vote on Stacy Head's hand selected replacement, the mayor will make the call.  This reeks of old New Orleans politics.  Once again, politicians are messing with our lives.  By continuing to have personal agendas instead of the best interest of the people in mind, this council and this mayor continue to play games when so much is at stake.   

It's time for the mayor and council to get back to work. To work together. To remember that they work for us, not themselves.

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