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Wanted N.O. Cross-Dressing Bank Robber Had an Accomplice, Feds Say

TheftFBILiberty Bank

A cross-dressing New Orleans bank robber introduced by the FBI over the summer apparently had an accomplice, feds say.

Agents Wednesday released a picture of a woman was who they was present during robberies of banks in Gentilly and New Orleans East back in June and July.

As agents reviewed security video, they say the woman was spotted looking over the inside of the banks before the man in a wig, blouse and holding a burse, pulled off the robbery.

The suspected accomplice, an African American woman wearing a black shirt was said by investigators to have left the banks before the heists were committed.

The cross dressing robber slipped tellers a note and left with money.

No gun was used, but thousands were taken from the Liberty Bank and Trust at 3002 Gentilly Boulevard on June 22, and the New Orleans East Capital One in the 56-hundred block of Bullard Road July 14.

The two suspects are believed to have driven off in a dark blue or black Chevy Impala, though they didn't offer specifics on the year of the car.

There is a $5,000 reward being offered for the right information to the FBI.

Anyone with tips for investigators is asked to call (504) 816-3000.

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