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Suit Filed Over Death At New Orleans Jail

The father of a New Orleans woman who diedafter being put in restraints in the city jail's psychiatric unitis suing Sheriff Marlin Gusman and several of his staffers.

Cayne Miceli, 43, had a history of asthma, panic attacks anddepression but was denied adequate medical care after she arrivedat the jail in January 2009, Michael Miceli of southern Alabamaclaims in a federal lawsuit filed Thursday.

A spokesman said Gusman had no comment.

Cayne Miceli was arrested and accused of biting a police officerwho tried to remove her from Tulane Medical Center, where she hadbeen treated for an asthma attack. She was taken to the psychiatricunit in a jail operated by Gusman's office.

According to the lawsuit, Miceli stopped breathing after she wastied down in five-point restraints for more than four hours andheld down by sheriff's deputies.

Michael Miceli's suit also accused Orleans Parish Prisonofficials of neglecting the medical needs of other inmates who havedied at the jail.

Miceli wasn't married and didn't have any children. MichaelMiceli's lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitivedamages.

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