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Are The Real World Kids a Nuisance or Goldmine?

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MTV's popular reality show "The Real World" is filming in New Orleans and the cast is already making headlines. One roommate has allegedly peed on the toothbrush of another, causing him to get violently ill. So are these kids a nuisance or a goldmine?

On a quiet Uptown street sits a beautiful mansion. The scene is almost tranquil, until school lets out. Resident David Fary explains, "The traffics been pretty bad with kids going real slow and stopping and they take up a lot of parking spots." Neighbor Ellen Baker adds, "We have a lot of children who like to drive by in their parents SUV's with their hand held GPS systems looking for the house."

And looking to catch a glimpse of one of the Real Worlders. We were lucky enough to spot one, but for the residents on Dufossat Street, they say they couldn't care less about the celebrities around the corner, they'd like their quiet neighborhood back. "The whole yard is all lit up, it looked pretty neat the first week or so, but its, they've got a huge carbon footprint going on there" Fary says.

But what a different story the local bar owners tell, saying these kids are money makers. David Melius owns Bruno's Tavern on Maple Street. He says the first time the Real World cast showed up was on a slow Monday night. Within minutes, his place was raking in the cash. "There was a mob, I mean there was a big crowd of people in here to greet them" Melius explains.

So who cares if they've had some run-ins with the law, Melius says they're helping our economy. "We'll never turn down good business."

And if you'd like to catch a glimpse of the Real World cast, here's a list of bars we're told they often go to.-The Boot-Republic-Lucys-Philips-Brunos-Superior Grill

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