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Environmental Quiz app

Verizon Wireless

How much do you know about keeping our environment clean? Well, if you want to know more, there's an app for that!

We asked Nadia Whitehead from Verizon Wireless to tell us more:

"The environmental quiz app, this is a great app for kids. It's geared towards elementary students, just teaching them the difference about their environment and ways to recycle, and how one part of the environment reacts to the other.

"It is a quiz, yes, so you have 30 questions to answer and at the end it gives you a rating, which is pretty cool. Fun thing Saturday morning over breakfast, fun thing for long rides in the car with mom and dad. Summer is coming; great thing to keep the kids occupied.

"It raises awareness without the kids even realizing it. It's free on the android market. Once it's downloaded open it up and questions away."

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