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Animal Grossology: Grossing-Out Kids in the Name of Science

It's not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

Audubon Aquarium’s Christine Taylor explains, “We have this great interactive game called party pooper and what it does is explores the different piles, if you will, that are associated with each different animal.”

The newest feature at Audubon Aquarium is called Animal Grossology, an interactive exhibit based on Sylvia Branzei’s best-selling book series, Grossology.

“So just think about the grossest thing that has to do with animals,” says Taylor, “and we’ve got that covered here at the aquarium.”

The traveling exhibit touches on the most disgusting aspects of the animal kingdom.  Pee or poop, nothing is off-limits.  The kids learn some important lessons and a bit about science as well. 

"Because Sylvia Branzei's best-selling series Grossology worked so well for so many different school students and students alike and children of young ages, I think what it does is offers them a different way of learning," says Taylor.

"And if you put the gross factor behind it, gross is fun!"

So kids, grab your parents and get ready to get grossed-out!


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