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2011 LA Political Winners and Losers

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A lot to talk about in the political arena, both good and bad. WGNO Political Analyst Jeff Crouere , who is also with "Politics with A Punch" came up with his list of the top five list of winners and losers.

So starting with the "Losers" list, here's the top 5:

1. Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser

2. St. Tammany Assessor Patricia Schwarz Core

3. Former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard

4. Louisiana Democratic Party

5. U.S. Senator David Vitter

Crouere says David Vitter didn't have the political muscle to help other Republican candidates this year; the State Democratic Party couldn't put forth a viable candidate in seven statewide positions; and incumbent Patricia Schwarz Core spent 10-1 what her opponent did and still lost the election.

As for Aaron Broussard, Crouere says Broussard once had much respect in Jefferson Parish.

"...Broussard who had never lost an election has really suffered a reversal of fortune from someone who was riding high a few years ago to someone who is fighting to stay out of prison, and he’s worried about long term imprisonment," Crouere said.

As for Billy Nungesser, Crouere says the negative campaigning against Jay Dardenne for Lt. Governor was to his demise.

"It showed that negative campaigning sometimes doesn’t win, and I think Billy Nungesser wasn’t perceived by the rest of the state as statewide office elected material," Nungesser said.

Crouere's top political "Winners" are:

1. Former Governor Edwin Edwards

2. Former Archbishop Philip Hannan

3. Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne

4. Governor Bobby Jindal

5. Louisiana Republican Party

Crouere says the State GOP is controlling the legislature for the first time since reconstruction; Governor Bobby Jindal while he may have angered people in New Orleans, he is popular across the state and may be positioning himself for higher office; and Lt. Jay Dardenne withstood a tough negative campaign.

Crouere says the late Archbishop Philip Hannan left a legacy in Louisiana.

"I think he was considered to be the greatest leader th at the Catholic church has had here in New Orleans ever, and I think when peole think if an archbishop they think of Archbisiop Hannan because he was such a larger than life figure," Crouere said.

And the top political winner according to Crouere is former Governor Edwin Edwards who got out of prison earlier this year.

"He’s got a sense of humor and he’s sharp ,even at 83 he can still tell a good joke and a good story and people just really think he’s just a great guy, even though they know he’s a criminal," Crouere said, "And anyone who is 83 and can marry a 33, that’s quite an accomplishment."


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ElectionsExecutive BranchRepublican PartyDavid VitterDemocratic PartyBobby Jindal