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Steve & Johnnie Schedule - Nov 9th - 13th

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Our New Music Monday Magic Laser is still trying to decide what state it's in after joining us on the 1000 mile trip back from the Florida Gulf Coast. If it manages to get the sand out of it's beam in time to pick an album you'll read about it here.


We'll get the latest update on Ida's progress(?) as she prepares to hit the Florida Gulf Coast from Amy Hoyt, news anchor for WMBB, in Panama City.


November is always a busy month for movies and this year is no exception. We'll talk on the radio about Pirate Radio. If you're already in the holiday spirt or are ready to be visited by one, get ready for Disney's A Christmas Carol. Just in case one is not enough, there's a double dose (Well, more or less.) of George Clooney with The Men Who Stare At Goats and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Before you make any long-term investments, you might want to see what the future may hold for you in 2012 starring John Cusack. A heartwarming real life story hits the big screen with The Blind Side staring Sandra Bullock. Oscar buzz is building for The Road. And prepare to get sucked into The Twilight Saga: New Moon

We'll preview all of these and more movies for the month of October with Hank Sartin, Film Editor for Time Out Chicago.


For many years, as our Monday night segued into the wee hours of Tuesday morning, we'd check to see who our friend Les Paul had been jamming with at the Iridium Jazz Club, in New York. Now and then Les would surprise us with a call after his show. Once again, tonight we'll take a few minutes and remember the amazing Les Paul and his legacy as we revisit part of an interview, a story, a laugh or, most importantly, his music and listen to "A Little More Les."


We'll answer your new and used car questions with our friends from Consumer Gude. Joining us tonight are Consumer Guide's Associate Publisher Tom Appel and Consumer Guide's Online Managing Editor Jennifer Geiger.

If you call in with a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for that used car you're thinking about buying, you'll get a free vehicle history report so you'll know the car's condition before you sign on the dotted line.

And remember, you can always add to your automotive research by checking our Radio Road Test Audio Archives for past reviews.


Backup! Backup! Backup! Huh? What? How? This week on Website Wednesday Night, we'll try to demistify backing up all that important stuff on your computer. We'll also be answering your computer questions with the "World Famous" Cybersquad!

Patrick Crispen

Educational Program Designer for the Center For Scholarly Technology at the University Of Southern California, co-founder of The Internet Tourbus and webmaster of

Mike DiMichele

Computer Consultant, webmaster of and creator of .

Nic Rotondo

Web site builder, graphic designer and the master-of-ceremonies for the ever-expanding web outpost that is You can read Nic's Website Wednesday Night Show Site blog here.


If you're a fan of country music, you're going to want to stick around when Beville Darden, Editor of, joins us with a recap of the CMA's.


Just back from his visit with Sandra Bullock and ready to talk about that and more from the world of Hollyweird, it's our own late night showbiz guru, Gino Salomone.


Turn your radio up loud for some great music and R&R trivia from the 50's to the 90's on our monthly visit with Wayne Jancik, author of "One Hit Wonders."


Speaking of great music, we turn to a group that traces it's doo wop origins to Chicago's south side. The legendary Flamingos are much more than One Hit Wonders. They're members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Grammy winners and a lot more. Terry Johnson, the group's leader, joins us to share some great moments from the Flamingo's storied musical history.

Not surprisingly, we expect the usual amount of additions, breaking news stories and whatever else that's going to fall from the skies to cause some changes to appear in this blog post as we make our way through the week. So, you might want to check back in this spot now and then to see what they might be.

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