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Extension 720 Audio Archives, April 2008

JudaismHuman RightsWilliam ShakespeareJeremiah Wright

This night, we welcomed one of our favorite guests and political commentators, Mark Steyn. We talked with Steyn for the full 2 hours about the latest in the Presidential campaigns, his take on the Jeremiah Wright scandal, and the release of his book America Alone into paperback. We also talk about the problem that Steyn has run into with our neighbors to the north and their Human Rights Commission, and how Steyn's book has the potential to be banned in Canada. (4/10/08)

Steyn (91:50)

Milt talks with three guests, Rabbi Philip Lefkowitz, Rabbi Vernon Kurtz, and Philip Singerman about the history of Judaism, and what it means to practice Judaism today. (4/7/08)

Judaism (86:45)

William Shakespeare may well be the best-known playwright in the world, of any time period. But do you know who his friends and colleagues were? That's the question that our guest answered this night, as Stanley Wells, author of Shakespeare and Co., told us about the lives of his contemporaries such as Marlowe, Webster, Dekker, Fletcher, Middleton, and Johnson. Wells is a professor emeritus of Shakespeare studies at University of Birmingham and the author of many books on Shakespeare. (4/2/08)

Wells (80:22)

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