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William Byrd at Brookville

FootballWilliam Byrd

The Brookville Bees were leading the way after outscoring their first two opponents 109 to 7.  William Byrd the latest team with a chance to slow down Jeff Woody's team.

The Bees were up 34-0 to nothing at the half. William Byrd wouldn't go down without a fight. Bees quarterback Kendall Becraft hits Benjamin Hogg for a completion, but he's stripped and the Terriers' Bryson Plunkett recovers.

On to the third quarter, and Becraft fakes the handoff and goes to the air, finding Hilson Atkins for a 38-yard touchdown. That made it 41-0 and the Bees had this one under control.

The Terriers tried to make it interesting. Simeon Horstman rumbled 40 yards for a touchdown that cut Brookville's lead to 41-20. And it stayed that way as the Terriers' comeback fell well short.  Brookville stays unbeaten in fine fashion.

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