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Danville History

Founded: 1793


  In 1728, William Byrd went exploring for the border between Virginia and North Carolina, but when he camped over night in the area now know as danville, he fell in love with the scenery. He decided to settle in this area. Later in 1793, the village was renamed Danville by act of the Virginia Legislature.

  Located in south-central Virginia, Danville is loaded with historical landmarks, recreational opportunities and beautiful countryside. Danville is always ready for recreation and providing opportunities for playfulness being ranked as one of the nations' most playful cities. Danville has many educational institutions, Averett University, Danville Community College and the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research.

Points of Interests:

-The Danville Museum of Fine Arts

-Averett University

-Danville Braves

-Danville Farmers Market




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