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Who Has The X Factor: Diana Vickers

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 I’ll preface this edition of “Who Has The X Factor?” with the following: I am going to be completely biased with my writing.  Why?  I absolutely love Diana Vickers. 

Like if she ever needed a Green Card to stay in the United States, I’d volunteer to marry her.  Yes, she is that fantastic.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can continue with discussing Diana Vickers.  Diana rose to fame during the fifth season of The United Kingdom’s ‘X Factor.’  She was mentored by Cheryl Cole and came in fourth place, despite being involved in some controversy while on the show. 

Diana consistently landed among the top contestants in terms of votes from week to week during her time on the show.  Her voice and girl-next-door appearance are credited with keeping viewers interested in her.  One of the best examples of her interesting voice and cute look occurred during Disco week when Diana performed her version of Blondie’s “Call Me.”

Click to watch Diana Vickers perform “Call Me.”

The week after Diana roped in the third most votes among the remaining contestants, she was absent from the X Factor stage.  This is where the controversy comes in.  Diana was sick in week 5 and was unable to perform.  Many viewers believed Diana was given preferential treatment, and should have either performed or been eliminated from the show.  However, producers released a statement saying doctors’ orders prevented Diana from performing and all the remaining contestants agreed to letting Diana through, even though she was not performing.  I’m not really sure how I feel about this decision.  Sure, I love Diana, but I don’t know if she should have been given a pass just because she was sick.  I’m still up in the air.

Despite being sick, Diana returned the following week and knocked her version of Coldplay’s “Yellow” out of the park.  In fact, she hit such a home run that she came in first with the viewers for the only time during her run on the show.

Diana kept rocking my world and the world of British viewers up until the fifth season’s semi-finals.  She landed in fourth place overall, which is a very good showing.  She probably should have come in third, but there’s no sense in crying over spilled milk, right? 

Diana ended up getting a record contract with Simon Cowell’s record label.  Her first single and album debuted at number one on the British charts.  Her album ended up going gold, signifying sales of 100,000 copies, and debut single “Once” scored silver status, meaning Diana sold 200,000 copies of the song.

Her most recent single landed Diana in another storm of controversy, this time with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  It’s alleged Diana’s song, “My Wicked Heart,” sounds similar to The RHCP’s “Under the Bridge.”  Sure there are some similarities, but how many songs sound like another these days anyway?  I prefer Diana’s song, anyway, so the “controversy” is a moot point.

Despite finding commercial success, Diana currently doesn’t have a record contract, as she is looking to go a more independent, less-commercial route.  I hope she continues to release new music, though, as she’s someone I listen to quite often.  Diana just goes to show how being a girl next door with an extraordinary voice can easily translate into having the X Factor.

Don’t forget to tune in to Fox every Wednesday and Thursday night at 8ET/7CT to see if any of the girls on America’s debut season have what it takes to compete with Diana Vickers in the X Factor world.

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