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Album of the Day 1/5/12: Victims - A Dissident

I've mentioned this before but I love when I go see a band live and then buy their newest album at the show only to find the recorded material holds up as well as it did in the live setting.  Today that band is Sweden's Victims.

For those not in the know Victims is a hardcore/punk/crust/d-beat band from the land of awesome bands. (Seriously, have you heard a bad record come out of Sweden in the last three years?  It's amazing really.)  Historically Victims has had a more punk sound and edge to them than on this album.  But this record especially has a more death 'n roll vibe to it than previous releases (makes sense being Nico from Entombed fame produced it).  That's not to say this album will turn off fans of their early material.  It's a completely natural progression from one album to the next and the band is still filled with piss and vinegar, writing songs of a politically charged nature.  

This album overall pays great homage to Discharge-style punk, 80's American hardcore, crust bands along the lines of His Hero Is Gone, and of course Motorhead.  But don't get caught up thinking this is some generic metalcore album.  It's not.  Despite the progression the band has made it's still Swedish punk rock at its core.  Highly recommended for fans of any of the aforementioned bands.     

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