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Album of the Day 1/17/12: The Manchurians - Deliverance

I keep talking about the CT music scene and how diverse it is.  One part of the scene I haven't really touched on yet is the Blues scene.  Connecticut really does have some amazing Blues and Blues influenced acts out there and one of the best is The Manchurians.

Hailing from "the Branford delta" The Manchurians play a hybrid of Chicago style Blues and British style rock n' roll.  It all draws from the same well but imagine if you will The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds and Cream combined with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Jimmy Rogers and James Cotton.  Then throw in some Steppenwolf and The Black Crowes for good measure and you've pretty much got the sound The Manchurians are going for.  It's straight to the point and

Deliverance was originally released in 2006 and stands as one of the better hybrid Blues-rock albums to come out of CT in a long time.  The music often weaves back and forth between influences from pure, raging Blues to the more jangly Blues-influenced rock of mid to late 60's Britain.  But when it's done what it's woven together is literally 40 years of great music into one cohesive driving disc that could easily find a home on a jukebox in some backwater juke joint.  This album is highly recommended for fans of any of the other bands or genres listed here.           

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