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Album of the Day 10/26/11: Graveyard - Hisingen Blues

Once upon a time your grandparents were afraid of the rock bands your parents listened to because bands like the Rolling Stones and AC/DC (depending how old your parents are) represented the gritty, booze-fueled, Lucifer-dabbling underbelly of the music industry.  It's time for parents to be afraid again. 

Let us pretend for a moment that it's circa 1970. If Graveyard put out Hisingen Blues they would eventually be hailed alongside Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Blue Cheer, etc. as proto-metal godfathers of the highest order.  Fast forward to now and what you have is the direct descendant of those bands and one of the best rock records released in the last ten years.  The fact that this band put their album out on a metal label (Nuclear Blast Records), tours with metal bands and plays metal festivals is ironic to me in a sense because there was a time this would simply have been called rock n' roll.  Don't get me wrong I'm absolutely stoked that at some point in the late 80's being a real rock band with some balls behind your music became so taboo again in the mainstream that these bands have since been lumped under the general banner of "metal" ever since.  As a seasoned metal fan I honestly love that because I love this style of music.  But let's be honest, psych rock or stoner rock bands or whatever you want to call them now have more in common with Led Zeppelin than say Amon Amarth.   

But I guess that's the beauty of "metal" today - that it paints a musical picture from such a broad palette of bands.  Graveyard is one of the best at what they do in the world, which is that throwback 70's vibe that bands like Witchcraft, Blood Ceremony, etc. are perfecting (Leave it to the Swedes to once again perfect something that the rest of the world has been working on.  What the hell is in the water over there anyway?!?).  This album seriously makes me want to grow a fu-manchu and start wearing bell bottoms.  It's literally like the music of the last 40 years never happened to them and they got on their tour bus in Sweden in the early 70's and time-warped here.  This album is recommended with extreme enthusiasm for fans of any of the aforementioned bands in this post (even Amon Amarth).        

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