New Kent Board approves $1.5 million waterline consolidation on Route 249 | With Video

NEW KENT – A $1.5 million cost-saving waterline consolidation is coming to Route 249 in New Kent County.

The New Kent County Board of Supervisors voted last week to approve bond financing for the waterline project that will consolidate three separate water systems from: The George W. Watkins Elementary School area, The Deerlake, Greenwood Estates, and Kenwood Farms neighborhoods, and The Quinton Estates neighborhood. It will extend approximately 12,400 feet along Route 249 (New Kent Highway) and Route 612 (Airport Road/Tunstall Road).

 According to Public Utilities Assistant Mike Lang, the waterline will save the county $82,255 every year, with a 20-year return on investment. The maintenance costs will reduce because the county will be going from five wells, and numerous tanks, generators and pumps, one tank and two pumps.

As stated in an environmental review submitted to the county by public utilities, the project will “reduce permit management costs for the Virginia Department of Health and Department of Environmental Quality,” as well as “enhance fire protection for the neighborhoods of Deerlake, Greenwood Estates, Kenwood Farms, and Quinton Estates, as well as for rural residences along the project route.”

Lang said that 12 new fire hydrants will be placed along the path of Route 249 and Route 612, which will “help with homeowners’ insurance.”

When asked by Supervisors last week if the waterline construction will affect VDOT’s construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Route 249 and Tunstall Road, Lang replied that the two projects will not be simultaneous and that the waterline will cause little disruption to residential traffic.

“We’re doing everything to coordinate and get our work done before they get in there,” Lang said. “Obviously it’s to everyone’s benefit to have the pipes installed before they perform their work.”

Lang said the bid opening is scheduled for June 9.

“We plan to issue the notice to proceed by the end of July, and expect construction to take place approximately six months,” Lang said.

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