UPDATE as of May 31st: Crowds gathered at the Battlefield Monday in hopes of seeing Sarah Palin but were disappointed when she never showed. The next morning reporters and supporters patiently waited by her tour bus to catch a glimpse of her. Turns out the ex-governor of Alaska sneaked out a back way and once again disappointed fans with books in hand. Fox43 was tipped off soon enough to find her touring the battlefield with her friends and family and then the National Cemetary in an unmarked car while the tour bus drove around town distracting fans. Palin set off to Philadelphia around noon Tuesday afternoon to continue her "One Nation" bus tour.

UPDATE as of May 30th: Former Alaskan Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin is in Gettsyburg.  Her patriotic themed bus is parked outside the Gettysburg Courtyard hotel arriving late Monday afternoon.  Palin is not releasing a public schedule, but a crowd is gathering at the battlefield in anticipation she'll make a public appearance Monday evening.  Palin is traveling with her husband and daughter on a "One Nation" tour which she began in Washington, D.C. 

Monday morning Palin visited the National Archives in Washington,D.C., before stopping in Mt. Vernon, then Fort McHenry.


Sarah Palin's Memorial Day schedule has Gettysburg on the list but her team is not saying when.

Sunday, Palin rode in to Washington D.C. on a Harley Davidson to greet other riders while dodging the pressing question as to whether this nationwide tour is an announcement to run for president.

But the former Alaska Governor has her lips sealed on the matter, with "I don't know" as her answer to questions from followers at the Capitol.

On the list of of stops, is New Hamphire, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and historic spots in Virginia.

CNN is reporting that Gettysburg may be her Memorial Day stop.