Pulling data from 140 metro markets in seven countries including the United States and France, HopStop provides route information for 750,000 individual stops and vehicles.

Need to find the quickest way from your hotel in New York City to the Empire State Building? Simply enter your starting and end point and HopStop figures out the rest. Routes include walking directions, bus lines, subways and estimated cab fares in case you're in a hurry.

To enhance the experience, HopStop also warns users about delays and scheduled maintenance.

Trimble Outdoors


Mobile phones and digital maps now provide adventurous travelers with the ability to research, enjoy and share their trips more easily than ever.

Trimble Outdoors, an Arizona-based technology company that's a leader in digital outdoor recreation, has enough maps to keep any outdoor enthusiast busy for days.

[For the Record, 12:50 p.m. PST April 8: An earlier version of this post stated that Trimble Outdoors is based in New Mexico. It is based in Arizona.]

Like HopStop, Trimble Outdoors focuses on merging online data with mobile data, ultimately providing users with the ability to plan their route online and send the information to their smartphone for use on the road.

Trimble takes it one step beyond: It allows you to print a custom topographic map.

If that seems quaint, marketing director Kris Wagner offers another view. "Batteries die and cellphones fail, so we want to combine old-school technology with digital technology," Wagner said.

Because being in the outdoors sometimes means cell service isn't available, Trimble Outdoors' mobile application Trimble Navigator allows users to download maps for offline use and use the phone's GPS without cell service.

"People really want to know where they are on the trail and record where they are going," Wagner said. "With our app you can do that and then share your trip on Facebook for your friends to see."

Another key feature for many outdoor enthusiasts is an upgraded membership that includes custom map overlays that can show public land boundaries, offer real-time weather information and give the current conditions of the dirt roads it displays. Users can also export any trip into Google Earth and explore the terrain in 3-D.