The medieval-themed land will feature the cute Royal Joust horseback ride for the little ones, an undulating caterpillar ride identical to one found at Legoland Germany and the indoor/outdoor Dragon coaster (utilizing Cypress Gardens' former Okeechobee Rampage family coaster, which will eventually wind through a castle filled with Lego scenes). An as-yet-unnamed tree-and-rope climbing area will be similar to the Hideaways at Legoland California.

Future possibilities: Vikings River Splash whitewater river raft ride (Denmark and Britain)

Land of Adventure
The explorer-themed land (think Nickelodeon's Dora meets Indiana Jones) will feature the shoot-em-up Lost Kingdom Adventure dark ride, the kid-sized Beetle Bounce drop tower, an animal-themed Safari Tour off-road vehicle ride and the Pharaoh's Revenge foam ball play area. Legoland Florida will graft the dinosaur-centric Coastersaurus theme onto Cypress Gardens' former Triple Hurricane wooden coaster.

Future possibilities: Dune Raiders slide (California), Dig Those Dinos sandbox (California), Raptor Splash water play area (California)

Legoland's home for "pink-knuckle" thrill rides will include the Lego Racers race-car course, the Technic coaster (a twist on the classic Wild Mouse) and the awesome Aquazone Wave Racers water ride.

Future possibilities: Bionicle Power Builder Kuko arm ride (California, Denmark and Germany), Bionicle Blasters teacups (California and Germany)

Lego City
The transportation-themed land will include the physically exhausting Fun Town Fire Academy interactive fire truck race ride; a fun pair of driving schools featuring Lego cars; the Skipper School boat ride; and a fire-safety-themed live show called "The Big Test." Legoland Florida plans to keep Cypress Gardens' Swamp Thing suspended coaster, giving it the working title of "Flight School."

Future possibilities: Balloon School hot air balloon ride (Britain), Digger Challenge backhoe construction experience (Britain)

Imagination Zone
The play area will be a virtual toy box filled with places for kids to play test Lego bricks, cars, robots and video games. Parents should bring their wallets. The land will also include Kid Power Towers, a human-powered free-fall ride that builds up your biceps.

Future possibilities: Sky Cruiser pedal-powered ride (California, Germany and Britain)

Botanical Gardens
Legoland plans to keep the landmark gardens, adding Lego flowers and treasure-hunt items to the grounds. The plan is to eventually call the area Cypress Gardens, but the park plans to wait on the tribute to avoid confusion during the initial opening. The famed Southern Belles, beautiful debutantes in ball gowns, will return in Lego form only.

Future possibilities: Coast Cruise boat ride (California)

Pirate's Cove
The Lake Eloise ski stadium, formerly home to Cypress Gardens' renowned water ski show, will host a pirate-themed water stunt show similar to the "Pirates of Skeleton Bay" live-action show at Legoland Windsor in Britain.

Future possibilities: An entirely new themed land called Pirates Shores would fit perfectly between the Xtreme and Miniland areas of the Florida park and might include the Splash Battle water battle boat ride,  a rocking pirate ship, a water flume ride and water slides. (California, Denmark, Germany and Britain)