> Mayan Slide - A Hafema log flume with two drops.

> Love Boat - A romantic cruise around the lake with Aphrodite.

> A Zamperla sea creature-themed carousel sitting in the middle of the lake.

> A Huss Top Spin thrill ride

The year-round Old Poland land is themed as a 17th and 18th century Polish town with a number of indoor attractions suitable for the winter months. Adventure World officials envision hosting Christmas events in the historically evocative land. Among the attractions:

> Magic Palace of Pan Twardowski - A Vekoma Mad House haunted swing that tells the story of a sorcerer who makes a deal with the devil.

> Book Mission -  An interactive dark ride through a library where riders travel through traditional Polish stories.

> The Golden Duck - An interactive show similar to "Stitch Live" at Disneyland Paris where visitors talk to fairy-tale characters.

> A Soarin'-like flying theater with riders hang-gliding over Polish landmarks.

> A Mack Rides spinning coaster.

> A Mack tea cup ride.

Visitors to the year-round Lost Kingdom land will assume the roles of heroes on a quest to find a lost city inside a number of indoor attractions with volcano and mountain themes. The area will feature the largest expanse of sculpted rockwork in a European theme park. Among the attractions:

> Atlantis - An interactive shooting dark ride with water and projection effects set in the legendary underwater city.

> Ice Riders - An indoor launched roller coaster winding its way through the tunnels and caverns of a mountain during the Ice Age.

> Marco Polo and the Curse of Poseidon - A 24-minute indoor stunt show pitting the famed world traveler against Hades, the god of the underworld.

> Bumper Cars - Bumper car teams armed with laser guns compete to trigger targets inside an erupting volcano.

> X-Ride - Officials remain tight-lipped about plans for a "super" coaster from Vekoma featuring a new ride system.