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POLL RESULTS: Should Busch Gardens bring back the Loch Ness tunnel effects? A: YES!

Roller coaster enthusiasts have started a petition to have Busch Gardens return "flashes of light, mist and the large illuminated sea serpent" that used to show up in the Loch Ness Monster's tunnel. to read the story.

And click here to read the results from yesterday's 'Earth Day' poll.

  • Yes! I need my special effects (391 responses)


  • It would be nice (212 responses)


  • Doesn't matter; I barely noticed they were gone (96 responses)


  • No, the strobe nearly gave me seizures (21 responses)


  • No, it's the only time I can relax on the ride now (9 responses)


  • Absolutely not, it would be a waste of money (98 responses)


827 total responses

(Results not scientific)

This poll is closed to voting.

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