Q. If you could offer one piece of travel advice, what would it be?

A. Always take the first flight out in the morning.

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Q. Finish this sentence: Camping is ...

A. ... Not for me. (Laughs) My rule of thumb is that if there isn't room service, I don't go there. I have some friends who are hardcore campers. Not me. I love to stay in hotels. It's my favorite thing. I like to come in and have a bed that's made and a bathroom that's just been cleaned.

Q. What are your favorite hotels?

A. I've stayed in some wonderful places. I love the InterContinental Sydney. It's a very nice hotel. Also, the Fairmont Vancouver. I stayed there for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I love the Four Seasons Istanbul. It's maybe the nicest hotel in Europe. We have a Four Seasons in Baltimore and I just love to go there for dinner.

Q. What's on your travel bucket list?

A. This sounds really odd, but I've never been to New England proper. I've never been north of Boston. I've never been to Maine or New Hampshire. I would love to visit and I'm so close. I haven't been to Africa yet. I would love to go on a safari or something like that.

Q. Do you bring your Speedos when you go on vacation?

A. (Laughs) I stopped wearing those when I stopped competing in 1986. I am fully clothed!

Q. What are your five favorite cities?

A. Paris, Sydney, New York, Chicago in the summer and spring and Istanbul. It's an amazing city and the food there is amazing! I'm not sure what I expected Turkey to be like, but it was fantastic.

Q. What is your guilty pleasure when you're on the road?

A. Gelatos. I won't eat lunch and will sometimes skip dinner so I can eat more gelato.

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