Your suit is on a roll

Name: SkyRoll Garment Bag

What it is: A carry-on size, shoulder-hoisted cylindrical bag around which you wrap a zippered garment bag for hang-up clothes. It's designed to get formal clothing to your destination wrinkle-free. The cylinder holds shoes, underwear, socks and folding clothes, plus toiletries.

The good: A nephew's destination wedding in the Poconos was the perfect opportunity to try this suit-friendly bag. Of little faith, I packed a steamer too. The steamer turned out to be wasted cargo, because there was not a single wrinkle in my suit upon arrival. Previously, if I needed a suit on a trip, I'd wear it, because I had never found a way to pack one without creasing it — even in checked bags. The two compartments within the cylinder are ample for a long weekend. They are accessed via zippered lids on each end, separated by a semimobile divider inside. This bag is on the smaller side of carry-on sizes and will even fit in the overhead bins of regional jets, though you may have to convince the flight attendants of that. For business travel, this bag and a briefcase or small backpack would be more than enough cargo space. And look, no checked-bag fee!

The bad: The bag is so easy to carry with its shoulder strap, you may be tempted to walk down the airplane aisle that way, but don't. Carry it vertically with the hand strap on the end, or you will bonk fellow passengers (as I did once — sorry!).

Cost: $150

Available from: or at Men's Wearhouse stores.

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