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Keeping vacation memories forever

Photo magnets are a great way to enjoy vacation pictures — and preserve those special memories. This project starts with clear acrylic shapes that come with and without eyelets; they lend themselves to several fun projects, including jewelry and key chains.

Materials needed

•ModPodge Podgeable Shapes (clear, acrylic shapes that are sold at craft stores and online)

•Vacation photos (preferably accessible from your computer)

•Copy/printer paper


•Acrylic sealer spray

•Old road atlases, books, magazines

•Decoupage medium

•Sponge applicator

•Round magnets (sold at craft stores and online)

•White craft glue


1. Re-size your photos. We used Microsoft Word for this project. Locate the photos on your computer and insert them or drag them onto a Word document. This allows you to re-size them by clicking the photo and dragging the corner of the image to make it smaller. You may need to experiment with sizes by printing once or twice until you achieve the size that you need. (Alternately, you can photocopy actual photos, then cut them to the size you need.)

2. Position the acrylic shapes on top of your printouts. Lightly trace the acrylic shape onto the printed photo.

3. Using scissors, cut out the shape around the photo, just inside your tracing line.

4. Spray photos with acrylic sealer, both front and back, to seal the printer's ink and keep it from smearing during the decoupage process. Allow sealer to dry completely.

5. Find appropriate words or phrases, such as the destination, that complement your photos; good sources are old road atlases, books or magazines. Cut them out, then attach the words to the photos using a small amount of decoupage medium on the sponge applicator. Let dry 30 minutes.

6. Apply decoupage medium with the sponge applicator to the acrylic shape, covering the surface completely. Press the acrylic shape, wet side down, on top of your photo. Press firmly to push out any air; turn the shape over and use your finger to carefully smooth it and push out any remaining air bubbles.

7. Apply a coat of decoupage medium on backs of photos; dry 1 hour.

8. Use white craft glue to attach a magnet to the back. Let dry.

Amanda Formaro is a professional crafter; find more projects at her website,

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