Random acts of Kimpton kindness? Kimpton revamps loyalty program

If you want to score points at Kimpton Hotels, keep your smartphone handy. Guests who sign up for the boutique hotel brand's revamped loyalty program called Kimpton Karma Rewards can score points for putting up posts on Twitter or Facebook about their hotel or restaurant experience.

Kimpton Karma, which launched Tuesday, replaces the company's InTouch program and aims to go beyond the model of giving guests free nights based on the amount of times they visit. The San Francisco-based hotel brand wants to take a more personalized approach to handing out perks.

Bringing a pet? Attending a wine happy hour? Booking directly through the hotel's website? These and other actions could boost your Karma cred, without your even knowing it.

The San Francisco-based hotel brand says in a statement that it uses a "proprietary formula" to track guests' good behavior via the loyalty program, which sounds a tad creepier than it should. It also says employees (real live people, along with the tracking system) will take note of your likes and dislikes too.

Here's how the rewards program works: Guests who sign up automatically join the Tier 1 level and enjoy free WiFi, a $10 credit to "raid" the mini-bar or restaurant bar, and early room access.

You advance to Tier 2 with three stays or 10 nights, Tier 3 with seven stays or 20 nights, and the Inner Circle with 14 stays or 40 nights. Among the Inner Circle perks: "exclusive direct access to Kimpton's CEO." Aha, presumably something to do when you're up at 2 a.m. raiding the mini-bar.

For more details on the program, check out the FAQs which go into detail about the tiers and how to earn points.

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