We asked readers where they would go if money and time were no object, and where they were likely to go in 2011. Thailand for dental work, one said. A trip with a friend to France, another said. Here are some of the other responses. Bon voyage!

Waking in an Amazon tree house

My fantasy travel trip is the Amazonian rain forest. I have been fascinated by wild jungles, the Amazon River and Mother Nature's vast wonders since childhood, so this remains a mesmerizing and mysterious part of the world that I fantasize about. Spending a few enthralling weeks exploring and photographing to my soul's content while my health and energy levels are still vitally intact, to experience, sleep and then awaken in an Amazonian tree house is a constant dreamy thought.

The reality vacation will include driving to the Grand Canyon's South Rim to hike and stay in a cabin this May, a four-day affair. I'm hoping my still-single young adult son will join me. It will be the first time for either of us to see and experience this nearby wonder of the world, but we're hoping to make this a new annual cost-conscious destination. We also plan on Catalina Island. Two Harbors Campground is an annual spring/summer traditional destination and has been for 35 years. Hiking or lazing about on this roomy part of the isle during hot days, cool evenings, hazy dawns and soft dusks; imbibing a buffalo milk in the village outdoor bar; or just gazing happily at bobbing boats in the harbor and Los Angeles' lights afar and sparkling stars above is simply a gift that is personally spiritual.

Daniel J. Marquez, Redlands

Newborn calves in Baja

I booked a trip for March that has been on my bucket list for several years: Baja California to San Ignacio Lagoon to see female whales just after giving birth. It is said that they proudly bring their offspring to passengers in small boats.

I booked the trip through Road Scholar, formerly known as Elder Hostel. I am 79, and it will be my first trip with this organization.

June Smith, Capitola, Calif.

The big time in Bel-Air

I am no longer a fan of airline travel, so my ideal plan would be to be the first person to check into the new presidential suite at the Hotel Bel-Air. In reality, however, I'll settle for a standard.

Karen Spaulding, Santa Barbara

A milestone in Maldives

Maldives for our 40th wedding anniversary.

Carissa Schlosser, Los Angeles

Pining for the fiords

Time and money unlimited? The Hurtigruten mail and passenger boats up the coast of Norway. Famous for their visits to remote and picturesque seafaring coastal communities, fiords, wildlife and wilderness. And now, by a quirk of fate, we will be doing the 12-day adventure from Bergen to Kirkenes, Norway. As the Hurtigruten catalog says, "Take the time to enjoy the voyage you always dreamed of." We intend to.

Ken Kropf, Seal Beach

A birthday whirlwind