Hostels can be boring, cheap, safe places to stay for a night. Of course, in Eli Roth's "Hostel" horror flicks, they can lead to torture and malice. This list leaps beyond the bare white walls and hard mattresses, while stopping short of chainsaws and blowtorches. But prisons and castles (moat included) make the cut of 22 cool and usual hostels, listed in no particular order. There's even a jumbo jet.

1 . Kadir's Tree House, Olympos, Turkey

Built as an actual tree house, Kadir's offers treehouse rooms, dormitories and private bungalows for two or three people. Breakfast and dinner are included, and Kadir's has two bars that open at lunch and close after the last guest leaves.

Guests can play volleyball, ping-pong or enjoy a picnic outdoors at Kadir's. The hostel is close to the beach and ancient ruins

There are 300 beds plus camping grounds.

Rates start at $14.44 per person for Jan. 1.


2. Hedonisia Hawaii Ecohostel, Pahoa, Hawaii.

Hedonisia is, you know, just another farm in the Hawaiian rainforest. This is a place for those who enjoy privacy more than company; there are only 10 beds on the nearly 4-acre property.

Part of the price of the room goes toward an agricultural fee that allows guests to harvest fruit and vegetables from the garden on the property.

Volcanoes National Park and black-sand beaches are within a couple of hours of driving from Hedonisia.

The hostel also offers a Fair-Trade Volunteer Program that provides volunteers accommodation for 15 hours of work per week.

Otherwise, rates start at $20 per room.


3. Gram's Place, Tampa, Florida

Gram's Place is named after musician Gram Parsons, and with music-themed (blues, jazz, rock 'n' roll, country, etc.) rooms, instruments provided to guests, and a recording studio, it is a great musician's getaway.

The sleeper car on a simulated railroad station depot is the coed dorm. There is a large jacuzzi area, with waterfalls and hammocks in one of the courtyards adjacent to the BYOB bar, Parsons Pub.

If you feel like getting away, Gram's offers bicycle and kayak rentals, as well as trips to two local beaches.

Rates start at $24.75 for Jan. 1.