NEW YORK (KTLA) -- It's another case of a flight attendant losing it with passengers, and it was all caught on camera.

American Eagle flight attendant Jose Serrano challenged passengers to get off the plane after they became upset by an extended delay.

It happened Monday on an American Eagle flight from New York to North Carolina.

The plane was delayed on the tarmac for 40 minutes, and then the pilot announced that they'd have to turn back tot he gate to refuel.

That got passengers even more irate, and that's when Serrano got on the loudspeaker.

"I don't want to hear anything. We will not hear anything once we close the door," Serrano warned.

"So... if you have balls, this is your time," he continued. "Otherwise you're gonna have to fly."

some people reported that Serrano was drunk.

The Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation.