Megabus to give away 200,000 free seats starting today

Baltimore Sun reporter

There's no better way to start the New Year than with a free trip -even if it's just a free seat on a bus.

In an effort to attract new users, is offering 200,000 free seats to customers who are traveling any time from Jan. 9 to Feb. 28. The express bus service allows users to travel to over 120 cities in North America. From Baltimore, Megabus offers service to 10 destinations, including New York, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Toronto. It also offers trips from Frederick to Pittsburgh and Washington.

Mike Alvich,'s vice president of marketing and public relations, shared his enthusiasm for the promotion via press release. "This exciting giveaway makes it possible to invite a friend and go on a fun weekend trip, get out of town to visit family or just enjoy a major city you never thought about visiting before," he said.

Customers can reserve their seats online at by using the promo code TRYMEGABUS.

The bus company recently expanded with new service hubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

"A chance at a free ticket means there's no reason to stay home," said Alvich.

Travelers can begin making reservations today and a small reservation fee will still apply. Some of the accommodations included on Megabus vehicles include free Wi-Fi, power outlets, restrooms and free Wi-Fi.

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