'Harlem Shake' on a plane

Passengers aboard a recent flight from Denver to San Diego might have noticed a whole lot of shakin' going on.

The Harlem Shake, that is - a viral dance craze sweeping across the nation from sea to sky?

The video shows passengers dancing in the aisles of a Frontier Airlines flight cruising along at more than 30,000 feet. According to The Catalyst, a Colorado College student newspaper, the students were traveling from Colorado Springs for an ultimate frisbee contest.

While a spokeswoman for Frontier Airlines has said the seat belt sign was off and no passengers were in danger, the FAA is reportedly looking into the incident.

"They are still looking into it, it's still open," Tony Molinero, a spokesman for the FAA told The Catalyst this week. "…I don't know where the [investigators] were told about it, but when they saw the video they just decided to look into it because it is better to be safe than sorry."

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