New York and Toronto.

New York has always been one of my favorite cities since I can remember. It's exactly like you see it in the movies. It has a kind of character and so many things to do. I love Central Park — it's probably my favorite place to go. I enjoy walking around and shopping on Fifth Avenue or down in Soho.

I love the diversity of Toronto. You know you're not in the United States. You feel almost as if you're in Europe. I love Yorkville, in the northern part of the city. They have a film festival there [Toronto International Film Festival] and lots of little restaurants that have been converted from houses. It feels European to me, which I really enjoy.

Carry-on or checked bags?

Depends. Probably more checked, especially when I take a longer trip.

When you go away, what are your must-have travel items?

An empty suitcase to bring things back.

What's your best or worst travel memory?

I don't really have one. I missed the train on the way to Paris. I had to buy another ticket. We went there from Amsterdam, and the hours are written very strangely. A friend had bought it for me before I arrived. I wasn't totally familiar with the hours. I had this hour set in my head, and it wasn't the right [time]. I missed it by three hours. … And they don't have refunds.

If you go

If you want to travel to some of Jeremy Guthrie's favorite cities, here's where to find information on hotels, sightseeing and more:

Tourist Office of Spain, One Grand Central Place, 60 E. 42nd St., New York, NY 10165-0039;

Toronto Convention & Visitors Association, P.O. Box 126, 207 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A7 Canada, 800-499-2514,

New York,

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