Celebrity traveler

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and his family on vacation in Ocean City. (Kevin Kamenetz Photo, Baltimore Sun / May 9, 2012)

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz is a Marylander right down to his board shorts.

Born in Lochearn, he attend Gilman School, the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Baltimore School of Law. Elected county executive in 2010, he also served for 16 years as a county councilman.

So it's no surprise that when asked about his favorite vacation destination, he named the state's summertime staple, Ocean City.

He and his wife, Jill, "love to go to beaches," Kamenetz said. "We've always done that; we find them to be our most relaxing vacations. So, Ocean City has become our most reliable and quickest getaway."

We chatted with Kamenetz about his favorite vacation activities — and why he no longer bodysurfs.

How long have you been going down there?

Well, now we're into double digits. It has evolved from when we were single — in fact, we got engaged there.

You did?

Yes, on the beach at sunset.

What makes it a favorite destination?

We love the opportunity to sit and relax, catch up on our reading — someplace we can get to easily. Now, our time at the beach has evolved as our family has evolved. So in the beginning, Jill and I could just spend the entire day in our chairs on the beach and never get up.

And do your kids enjoy it too?

Once we had kids [they have two young sons, Karson and Dylan], we adapted our routine. With our firstborn, we were really careful about the sun — we brought this huge tent where we could put the baby [on the beach]. We were so worried about the waves, the sand and the sun. As the sun moved, we were trying to be diligent about keeping the tent situated over the baby [while] trying not to wake him up. We were both tugging at an opposite end of the tent, carrying it very carefully across the beach when we heard people around us laughing. We realized the baby had just rolled out of the back end and, luckily, landed in the sand. Its one of those things we can now laugh at.

But since then, we've gone from lugging all of the extra chairs and apparatus for the kids to making them lug it all.

What do the kids like to do on the beach?

We've done bodysurfing; early on I participated with them, but over the past couple of years I've learned that it's not a sport for parents. The last time I showed my older son, I ended up tearing up a tendon and found myself at Patient First. Now I just supervise from the sideline.

During what time of summer do you like to go to the beach?

We usually try to go at least once a month in June, July and August. It really makes us feel like we got away in the summer by taking a few shorter trips. We did do a quick getaway once in October. A rare heat wave had hit, and we have these great photos of us on the beach in bathing suits while the beach is totally empty.

Where do you like to stay?