Pictures: 10 secrets of the Jersey shore

Who knew the serene beaches in Cape May County, N.J. - The Jersey Cape - are laden with downy white sand that rivals the sugar-sand beaches on exotic tropical islands? You don't learn this stuff from watching Snooki and her gang, who hang out on those taupe-colored dense sand beaches 100 miles north. A gleaming, 30-mile ribbon of powdery-white sand beaches connects the resorts of Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, the Wildwoods, and Cape May. Each town radiates a distinctive vibe, while abounding with superb beaches, fabulous foodie indulgences, boundless outdoor pursuits and exquisite accommodations. What’s more, New Jersey's southern shore is an eco-paradise, teaming with unspoiled wildlife refuges, natural hiking and biking trails and indigenous gemstones buried in the sand. Whether you are a veteran of the southern Jersey coastal-scene or considering visiting for the first time, you will surely want in on some of its best-kept secrets. - Stephanie Citron, Special to The Baltimore Sun ALSO SEE: Beach Guide 2012 | What's new at Jersey beach resorts | Jersey Shore myths
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