Ocean City visitors urged to 'Walk Smart!'

After two pedestrians died and 13 were injured last summer on Ocean City streets, city officials and the State Highway Administration devised a campaign to get motorists and those on foot to be more aware of each other.

The effort includes highly visible markings on crosswalks and signs directing pedestrians to them and retimed traffic signals to get vehicles to slow down.

“Ocean City is one of Maryland’s largest cities all summer, but every week there’s turnover and a new population,” said Melinda Peters, SHA administrator. “People may be on vacation, but there’s no break from the rules of the road.”

Businesses, houses of worship, restaurants and bars have all been enlisted in the “Walk Smart!” campaign. The message will be seen on plane banners over the beaches, on the sides of buses and even drink coasters.

Pedestrians are urged to use sidewalks and cross at marked crosswalks, always looking before entering the street. If walking at night, wear clothing that is light-colored or reflective to be more visible to drivers.



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