O.C. Spot Check: Billy's Subs

Can't quite satisfy your appetite? Head up town to Billy's Pizza and Subs for jumbo cheese steaks, made fresh and filling enough to feed even your hungriest friends.

Celebrating its 53rd year in business this summer, Billy's is the kind of place you would hope to find by the beach. With its wood paneling, vintage decor (some old Coke and Pepsi signs grace the walls, along with some hand-painted murals), pizza clock and an old Ms. Pac-Man machine, walking into Billy's feels like going someplace old and familiar.

The real treasure in this place is the cheese steak. The restaurant uses fresh cuts of sirloin, not frozen, and the provolone is cut fresh daily. Add to that the fresh rolls delivered every day from Philadelphia, and you can really taste the difference the ingredients make in the sub.

The bread is always nice and soft, the steak is never too chewy, the cheese always tastes fresh, and all the extras are there in proper proportions. Occasionally they seem to skimp a bit on the steak, especially in recent years, but it is still the best-tasting cheese steak in Ocean City.

The ingredients the restaurant uses are something they pride themselves on; a sign in the restaurant reads "We have no qualms with those who sell their food for less because, they know what their food is worth."

The cheese steaks, and all their other subs, are some of the largest around. They come in a full 16-inch size, or you can order a half. When you order a full size, it is usually half for lunch and half for dinner.

A cheese steak is $14.25 for a whole, $7.50 for a half. However, the size makes up for the price, and you get your money's worth with the subs, which average at around $13 each.

Billy's has locations at 140th St., 120th St. and 78th St. in Ocean City, as well as a place on Route 54 in Delaware, right over the Maryland border.

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